The high-strength steel cables from ERS securely connect your suspended object to the attachment point (s) on the wall or ceiling. With a rope so the free space is bridged. We mainly use galvanized steel ropes or stainless grades in construction 7x7. Other rope constructions are available on request for special cases.
On at least one end of such a rope is normally a SeilbetestigungselEment (SBE), which serves to give the initiated from the suspended object in the rope holding forces safely to the base components on the ceiling or wall on.

  • ROPE
  • sBE

If, in addition to the mechanical load, electrical current in the low-voltage (SELV) area is to be transmitted simultaneously, the HCF power cables are used. Due to their special alloy, they have high mechanical strength on the one hand and low electrical resistance on the other. So even larger connection lengths can be realized without significant voltage drop in the rope. More details can be found on the pages of our LEDFix system

Rope with loop