We divide our products into different points of view according to place of use, product category or industry. Please choose your preferred access route below:

Point of use

Normally, the selection or configuration of a suspension system “starts” at the CEILING. In the standard case we fasten our systems by means of SYSTEMBASIS (by screw fixing on the underground) and a CABLE BASE (here the rope is suspended or threaded with an end element).

ROOM is the distance between CEILING and OBJECT to be bridged by the suspension system. We usually use steel ropes made of high-strength materials in construction type 7×7.

In this context, OBJECT means the element to be suspended – be it your luminaire, your acoustic panel or something completely different.


You are LUMINAIRES? Then we will certainly have a fitting suspension system for your next project.

We have already been able to develop solutions for many applications in the area of ​​ACOUSTICS and the improvement of room acoustics. Whether it is a wall mount, a dock connection or attaching an acoustic sail on ropes: Talk to us!

MESSEBAU and VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK is an area in which primarily our DGUV-approved RopeFix of the S-series are used. Find out about the patented clamping mechanism with higher safety reserves.

Are you working in the shop and SHOP FITING sector? Do you need mounting solutions based on snap or click connections? Tell us your application.