Exhibition / Event – Rigging

S series 40S, 50S and 80S

RopeFix® for event technology

The RopeFix S series for event technology has been developed in consultation with the leading industry specialists. Since the well-known hexagonal ball mechanism of conventional lifting gear is less and less suited to today’s safety requirements, the RopeFix® S series is from the outset equipped with an improved and patented 2 stage

Clamping mechanism has been fitted. Even the required recognizability of an overload of the components was solved constructively with the RopeFix® of the S-series: If the mechanics load more than twice the workload (according to DGUV, BGI 810-3), the operator is in the upper area of ​​the RopeFix ® a red colored ring visible. This shows on the one hand the significant overload and indicates on the other hand that the component must be replaced due to impermissible overload. The reason for this is that plastic deformation generally occurs when balls are used to clamp cables in the event of an overload. If the undue stress on the component increases further, the safety level of the clamping mechanism, which is based on a collet chuck principle, is used. Here, 3 segments clamp the rope flat in a shallow cone and, in conjunction with the 1st stage of the clamping mechanism, achieve the highest breaking load values ​​on the market. If the RopeFix® has assumed this state, then the guide element can not be pushed back into the component with manual force and is thus prevented from further – potentially dangerous – use.

Due to the very high breaking load of the RopeFix® S series, significantly higher workloads can be achieved than with the conventional lifting gear of event technology. In the field of event technology, the listed workloads (WLL) apply according to the specifications of the DGUV regulations, BGI 810-3.

TÜV (GS) and DGUV test certified according to DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV-C1)