The LEDFix® system is our (highly conductive) combination for current-carrying fastening technology in the field of SELV / low-voltage applications in accordance with VDE standard DIN EN 61140. The LEDFix system offers a combination of mechanical fastening and electrical contacting for luminaires. It enables tool-free mounting and offers a repeatable adjustment for height adjustment.The individual components are electrically isolated.The LEDFix system is thus a complete system according to the Plug & Light principle.

Field of use

The main application of the systems is in the lighting industry. The visible metallic components are design-oriented and can be supplied in different surfaces. The insulating plastic components are currently available in neutral black. The LEDFix elements and their different variants can be combined with each other and thus offer the possibility to assemble a complete system that best meets your requirements. The electrical application area is in the SELV range (Safety Extra Low voltage). This range is limited to DIN EN 61140 up to 25V AC and 60V DC. Required protective measures and the use of cables and insulated cables are based on the current VDE standards.

The HCF power cable

is a central component in all LEDFix systems. ERS has had a special, highly conductive alloy processed into a rope, which on the one hand has a very good mechanical strength and on the other hand causes a very small voltage drop in the system. This means that the electrical resistance in the HCF power cable is very low (compared to the use of steel cables for power supply).


HCF-Stromseil und SeilBasis können lose der Leuchte beigelegt werden. Keine Notwendigkeit, die „Verkabelung“ zwischen Leuchte und Technikträger bereits im Werk vorzunehmen.Das HCF-Stromseil ist ein mechanisch hoch belastbarer, isolierter Leiter. Sie benötigen KEINE WEITERE ZULEITUNG zu Ihrer Leuchte.


Simply screw in HCF rope-based power cable into the technology carrier. There is no difference in handling in contrast to the known rope suspension systems and thus no source of error due to incorrect operation.

The system components:

  • Base plug-in
  • Base classic
  • Insert BASIC KLAssisch.

BASIC plug-in

LEDFix® system 1 pole base with cage clamp



Fastening the system base components in the technology carrier You only need one hole for a threaded connection. Make the supply-side contact using the plug-in terminal (rigid conductor).


Simply screw in HCF rope-based power cable into the technology carrier. When tightening, the contact is made between the spring clip in the system base and the ball at the end of the HCF power cable.

BASIC classic

LEDFix® system Classic with HCF power cable, insulated SBE and pole marking

BASIC Classically simply isolated

LEDFix® system KLASSIK with HCF power cable and SBE

LEDFix Plug-In

LEDFix® Box 1-polig mit Cage-Clamp



– Pre-assembly of the contacting box already in the factory.- The luminaire-side contacting is carried out by means of a plug-in terminal (rigid conductor) .- By the possibility to attach the LEDFix loosely in the mounting set, the packaging and shipping of your luminaire is considerably less complicated, because no Stand out components far, as would be the case with a pre-assembled RopeFix on the luminaire housing.


– Easy insertion of the HCF power cord into the LEDFix as users know it from the RopFix rope hangers. Then the LEDFix with the HCF power cable can be pushed laterally into the contacting box and locks in place automatically. The user can now adjust the height of the luminaire in the usual way.- In the last step, the contact is made by pressing a “switch “.- A renewed adjustment is given because the contact switch by means of electrician screwdriver is releasable and the Insulation of the HCF current rope is injured by the insulation displacement terminal in the Kontaktierungsbox only to a very limited extent.

LEDFix Classic

LEDFix® FRANKFURT with HCF power cable, SBE and pole marking

Complete overview of the LEDFix system as .pdf file (size about 3MB):